Help someone find their voice. 

 Simple things that seem easy or straightforward to you now may appear to be a complete mystery to a young person. Frankly, we're still trying to figure it all out, so we imagine what it's like for a young woman just starting out these days. 


Mentors provide their mentees with an experienced friend who is there to help guide their career, give advice on schools, jobs, resumes, and act as a sounding board for whatever their hopes and dreams may be. 


Mentors can use their personal contacts to help these young women meet industry professionals, find internships, locate job possibilities, and introduce them to professional resources and organizations they may not know about. 


How it works


We recommend meeting in person once a week for an hour for at least 4 weeks. Meet at the public library, a coffee shop, or even your workplace. Together, you and your mentee will work on a project such as a business plan or goals map. We'll provide templates and all the materials you'll need, and are available at any point for advice or guidance on how to go about your mentorship.

“To anyone who has ever thought about mentoring, if you’re in a position to do so, I highly recommend that you do. You get the chance to meet so many interesting, smart and funny young women, and you get to share stories with each other. It is rewarding and challenging and just all-around great fun!”


- Cat Thompson 604 Records Recording Artist and Glass Ceiling Demolition Company Mentor. 



A Mentorship Story: Cat and Hannah. 

Cat Thomson is a mentor with Glass Ceiling Demolition Co. Why did she reach out to us to be a mentor? Cat explains: “I constantly see the need for young women to have strong influences in their life. I wanted young women to see that in music, it’s not always about just being the glorified pop star. There is so much more. You can be an engineer, a producer, a videographer etc.”


Thomson mentored Hannah Curr, a sixth grader who has passions to work in the music industry. During their mentorship sessions, Curr joined Thomson at the studio where they would set short term and long term goals and sing together. Thomson recalls, “My mentee was so passionate about music, and we really were able to bond over that!”


A Mentorship Duet 


An exciting goal that the team embarked upon was to sing together at a photoshoot and performance put on by Thomson named “See Through The Lies.” The event, hosted by 604 records, was held to engage a dialogue about issues surrounding body image, bullying and self-worth.


“We practiced at every session and sang Brave by Sara Barielles on the big day. It was a ginormous success! My mentee sang her heart out and was the star of the show, I couldn’t have been more proud,” says Thomson.


Curr agrees: “Working with Cat helped me with my confidence and to feel brave performing.” She goes on to say: “She has a good influence on girls to just be themselves. I really enjoyed this experience, and I hope other girls take the opportunity to take part in a mentorship program for something that they really love with such a positive role model.”